Three computational artworks (2019)

Posted on Jul 13, 2019

Three computational artworks produced in 2019 dealing with perspective and sense of depth.

These works were created after reading a paragraph in the accompanying book of the exhibition of work by David Hockney at the Van Gogh Museum.

"The great power of linear perspective stems from the fact that it lends any scene, however unrealistic, the force of truth, because of its foundations in the laws of nature. That makes it the perfect means of bridging the gap between 'solid' reality and painted illusion. No matter how fanciful the artist's creations are, linear perspective makes any painted scene 'true'- and that explains how this view of the world became so central to Western art. Accordingly, any artist who wishes to circumvent it, to present a different way of seeing, must perform the greatest act of artistry imaginable: he or she must create an alternate reality, another world with its own laws of nature that have the same power and credibility as linear perspective. No small feat."


These visuals were programmed using the Hyperobjects tools. Below the visuals you will find links to individual pages where you can access and interactively modify the source code.


(perspectives - source code)

Layered rectangles

(layered rectangles - source code)

Rotating squares

Hyperobjects - effect algorithm from erwin h on Vimeo.

(Rotating squares - source code)


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