HicEtNunc Financial weekly

The NFT Platform HicEtNunc launched in 2021 on the (POS) Tezos chain and grew to generate milions of dollars of income for artists in only a couple of months. To capture that story in it's native format I started creating animated visuals based on the inherently public blockchain data displaying the key metrics of the HicEtNunc platform.

The concept for the HicEtNunc Financial weekly is that it's a weekly animated report on the HicEtNunc Tezos NFT platform recapping the most important metrics in short animated data visualisations.

Data for the weekly report is aggregated from multiple Tezos blockchain APIs and indexers. Visuals are produced using the Hyperobjects Workbench generative design toolkit also developed by Dialectic Design.


The intention is for the financial weekly to be posted weekly. It is still a relatively experimental project so some weeks are missed to re-structure some aspects of the data pipeline or visuals production system.

Posted in Projects on Aug 07, 2021