is a project initiated by Dialectic Design to use data visualisation technologies to increase awareness and understanding of open questions and issues within the domain of Space Situational Awareness and Space Trafic Management.




In progress




WebGL, webworkers, data aggregation

The website was created as part of the process to develop data analysis and visualisation technologies for Space Situational Awareness and Space Traffic management.

In recent years the number of satellites being launched has grown by large numbers. Multiple companies are planning, developing and launching large satellite constellations of hundreds and up to thousands of planned satellites. This has raised concerns around space debris and increased risk of collisions, potentially leading to a cascade of collisions which has been named the Kessler Syndrome.

Dialectic Design is developing analysis and visualisation technologies for space object tracking to communicate such risks. Such risks should continuously be taken into account by all stakeholders involved in decision making and emergency situations. The other side of the coin is, missions and ideas should not be blocked because of a mis-understanding of the risks involved, potentially leading to an innovation paralysis. The goal is to increase the level of awareness and understanding of stakeholders through well-designed and validated tools and technologies, both in situations where risks are high as well as situations where risks are low.

The website is part of that initiative, focussing at the moment solely on searching and visualising positional data and making these publicly accessible through a novel easy-to-use web interface.

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