[X]Changing perspectives live visualisation

[X]changing perspectives is a PhD research project by Philemonne Jaasma at Eindhoven University of Technology into multi-stakeholder discussions. Physical tokens are embodied conversation pieces in public debate sessions on various topics relevant to local communities. The physical tokens are tracked through a digital camera system integrated in the table and the movements are dynamically visualised on a display visible to all participants in the conversation. This allows participants in the debate to look back over time to reflect on the evaluation of the discussion.






Data visualisation, Social design

Client / collaborators

Philemonne Jaasma, Eindhoven University of Technology, Necker van Naem


Javascript, d3.js, React.js

Work done

Dialectic Design was involved to design and develop the interactive visualisation allowing to navigate the movement of tokens accross multiple tables over time. The design and development happened over a period of two years, with multiple iterations of testing in practice and improving or adding features. The resulting visualisation was implemented using web-based technologies such as react.js, d3.js and was integrated with a web backend where the movement data of the tokens was collected in real-time while the public discussion session was in progress.


Video showcasing a public discussion session supported by the [X]Changing Perspectives tables and visualisation.

Teaser [X]CP | Toekomst van Brabant @ ESIW - Het Pon [29-09-2017] from Philemonne on Vimeo.



[X]Changing Perspectives page at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Posted in Projects on Nov 23, 2018